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New client
From: Denise

I recently had my hair cut, trying a new style. Disaster is the result. I need help fixing it, but don't know how to go about it and I want it done right, not worse. Do you think Lance Can take me as a new client next week.

I am planning to get new headshots within the next week or two, have a show opening in mid-July and need help with hair. Right now it is layered a bit lower than shoulder length. I like my length but need fix with shaping the

How much do you charge for cuts, and how late are you open?


German hair cutter
From: Heinz

I'm a German stylist with very good experience in cutting,coloring,...
I want to go to U.S. to rebuilt my English and to learn about the American way of hairstyle. I hope that I get an answer back from you.
Japanese Yuko hair Straightening in Los Angeles
From: Mindy

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I have REALLY curly hair. I am intrigued by the Yuko straigtening system but I really don't know very much about it. I was wondering if I could get information on pricing, and anything else you think I would need to know before going through with this and making an appointment at a local Beverly Hills hair salon.

Lance Said he is in need of a stylist that does Yuko hair japanes permanent hair straightening other wise i was going to try him since the work on the website is fab!!

Anywasy bloggers Please post some recommend some places for me, ( maybe I can talk them in to going to Lance's) LoL

Thank you for your time!

P.S., if prices are based on hair volume, please give me the highest number of place -- I have a lot of hair!

Hair dressing Scissors
From: Scissors in Pakistan

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We are well organized manufacturing company producing quality. Our policy is Fine Quality, Low Rates and in Time Delivery. We would like to have your requirements so we can quote.

With best regards and wishes,

Looking forward to receive

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Reply- Thanks for advertising on my blog!!! - Lance.

Hair extensions at you hair salon
From: Melinda K.
3/3/2006 1:47:48 AM

This Is Melinda K.. I am very interested in getting Hair extensions. I really need volume bad. My hair is a little longer then my shoulders. I would like the extensions to go to bout the middle of myback or a little longer. I was wondering the price range and all that. I also would like to get highlights. If you could please get back to me at ********** or email me back at *************I would appreciate that greatly. THanks

Take Care,
Melinda K.
From: Jackie
3/3/2006 1:44:23 AM


You have your own shop--, congratulations.

Hey, what's my price for a cut and root color? Anytime this 3-day weekend? Love to see you and your new place, and catch up on all of my animal welfare events, maybe you could do a makeover booth?


Vidal Sasson hair academy Graduate in Santa Monica
From: Virginia

Lance Please post this to help me find a job in the industry, if your are currently not hiring......

Hi, my name is Virginia and I just recently graduated from the Vidal Sassoon hair Academy. I was hoping you could give me a little more information about what type of assistant program your salon offered. How long the program lasts?.. How often do you hold hair color or hair cutting classes?.. Are assistants personal assistants or general? If you could just fill me in a little bit I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Printing for Los Angeles Hair Studio
From: Print Mania

Please post this on your blog.....

Hi, my name is Dennis Johnson and I'm a Project Coordinator for

I wanted to reach Los Angles hair studio regarding the printing of your catalog and promotional materials. Printmania has a 45,000 sq. foot facility designed for "Quality Printing for Less."

How can I reach someone regarding our prices to help Los Angles hair studio save on printing?

I look forward to hearing from you.


tried calling you in beverly Hills
From: Annaleise

Hi Lance,
I was looking for Annaleise. I tried calling her at the number she gave me when I had come in to get my haircut a few months back: 703-772-2017 Not sure if I had the right number since its been a few months. Can you

Thanks so much,

want to perm my Blonded hair.
From: Pocket curls

Hi, I am looking for someone who can fix my hair. I have naturally curly hair and would like a perm using 1 1/2 inch rods, but I went to a salon in Glendale and they said if they put perm solution on my hair I would take my hair home in my pocket. She said this would happen because I have lightened my hair so much. I have naturally dark hair and now it is blonde. My hair looks in worse condition then it is. Can you help me out with this?