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Hair Makeover of the week by Lanza

  November 25, 2015  

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Client Angie Fotiades came in to see me at my West Hollywood salon for a new hair look the day before Thanksgiving.  She was Going to see her family and friends and wanted to look fabulous!

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Angie's medium to hair texture but full hair.  She has not had her hair colored for couple of years.  She wanted some lighter tones in her hair, she like Hombre, but a subtle version of it. to

Soft butterscotch Ombre over deep brunette.
After: Hair by Lance Lanza
Color:  I used baliage on Angies' hair with two different colors one more on the mid shaft and one more on the ends of here hair to give it a gradual lighting feeling.  By using a balage' ( painting the color on with a paddle - with our foils) I was able to achied the subtle feeling here hair gets gradually lighter to the length.

Cut. Angie likes here long full hair but found it hard to style.  after cutting a bit of the length I used a round layering of the hair to give the long layer a soft feeling - Not heavy layering.  Easy to style easy to where.


After: Hair Makeover  by Lance Lanza
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